Welcome to trauerkultur³ –
the grief culture specialists for companies.
We create opportunities for corporate perspectives on death,
grief and loss and support employers and employees when facing
particularly challenging situations in the workplace.

trauerkultur³ – the opportunity
for corporate change

trauerkultur³ is your competent counterpart for all questions and challenges associated with serious illness diagnoses, death and grief. We stand up for the values that are close to your heart and support you in…

  • being a trustworthy partner for your employees and customers when facing dying, death and mourning
  • providing a safe space and framework for grieving situations within the organization
  • developing a common (corporate) language in times of crisis
  • expanding employee and management skills
  • strengthening employee and customer loyalty
  • consolidating your positive working atmosphere
  • being a role model for other organizations

trauerkultur³ – we create opportunities
and offer orientation

Our services at a glance:


We analyze the status quo and develop customized concepts for an individual corporate grief culture.

  • Needs assessment based on statistics on cases of illness and death within the organization.
  • Analysis of the current strategies when dealing with mourning also from the perspective of employees, e.g. through interviews or anonymous surveys
  • Consulting regarding your objectives within the framework of your existing corporate culture
  • Concept development incl. concrete measures/recommendations for action

We help in acute crises
as well as in the long-term implementation of a grief culture.

  • In acute crises: Counseling for management, executives or entire teams in the event of serious illness or death; coaching on the appropriate communication of a death announcement within the company and addressing the grieving families; individual assistance, e.g. in organizing a company funeral service or writing a eulogy; continuative grief counseling for individuals or groups
  • Services to achieve your long-term goals: Ongoing supervision and development of individual concepts; implementation of agreed actions such as: Conduct workshops to develop a grief culture; create informational materials for a customized communication, development of policy recommendations such as check lists, hands-on tips, templates (e.g. for obituaries), consistent corporate communication in case of loss (Corporate Wording Guide), telephone hotline for employees; continuous budget control, evaluation of implemented actions

We convey competence and confidence in action through training, further education and qualifications.

  • Training within the organization e.g. for managers, employees/teams, employees with customer contact
  • Qualification of grief counselors according to the standards of BundesVerband Trauer e. V.: Basic qualification for grief counselling (80 hours) and extensive advanced qualification for grief counselling (210 hours)

trauerkultur³ – your partner in time of crisis

Our way of working

In case of emergencies we provide security and competence in dealing with the topics of parting, dying, and mourning. In this process ease and profundity stand side by side. Our work is characterized by openness, sensitivity, empathy, appreciation, creativity, entrepreneurial thinking and foresight as well as absolute discretion.

Our way of working
Our mission

Raising awareness and consciousness for grief and the impact of loss is our mission at trauerkultur³ – whether it affects employers and employees at the workplace or families in a private environment. We work to create an environment for the topics of dying, death and mourning and fill it with years of experiences, new perspectives and individual concepts – towards a grief culture that appreciates and cares for the needs of grieving and seriously ill people.

Our mission


In addition to our core team, we have a large network of grief counselors and cooperation partners. We would be happy to present our working methods and references to you in more detail in a personal conversation.

Anja Gebhardt
Anja Gebhardt

Family “man”
Sporty and active
Compassionate and sensitive
Cheerful and enthusiastic
Optimistic attitude towards life
Strong inner drive
Chocolate monster
Emotional depth

Anja is shareholder at trauerkultur³. Her professional roots are with AXA, an international insurance group. Her 25 years of professional experience at AXA in sales, product, risk and customer management, coupled with her qualification as a grief counsellor (BVT), enables her to align herself with the values of each company’s culture. Anja brought the topic of death and grief in the workplace to AXA and has been leading the related project ever since. She is involved in the Caring Community Cologne in the working group “Death and Grief in the Workplace”. She is also part of the working group “Grief and Corona” at the University of Bonn. She is committed to a professional world in which mourners feel connected to their employer!

Nicole Nolden
Nicole Nolden

Heart and soul
Loves nougat chocolate and sunrises
Never cooks by recipe
Motivational wonder
Family “man”

Nicole is managing partner at trauerkultur³ and has been dealing with the topics of dying, death and mourning for over 25 years. For example, for 10 years she initiated and managed the nationwide project funded by the BMFSJ, the MAGS NRW and the DHPV e. V.: “Finally. Dealing with Dying, Death and Mourning” – a concept for students in grades 9 to 13.” at the Center for Palliative Medicine at the University Hospital in Cologne. Nicole is a founding member of TrauBe Köln e.V. – TrauerBegleitung für Kinder, Jugendliche und junge Erwachsene (Bereavement Support for Children, Adolescents and Young Adults), worked there for five years as pedagogical director and still qualifies the volunteers today. In addition, as coordinator, she has built up volunteer work in the Center for Palliative Medicine at the University Hospital of Cologne and gives seminars throughout Germany on the topics of dying, death, mourning and suicide. She is a book author, writes professional articles and is BVT certified for the large basic qualification for grief counseling primarily for children and adolescents as well as last aid course instructor. Nicole is a psychological counselor IAPP, a business graduate and an insurance salesperson.

Fee Vogel
Fee Vogel

Good listener
Head and heart
Bird’s eye view
Rhenish cheerfulness
Attentive to detail
Computer brain
Family “man”

Fee is the managing partner of trauerkultur³, she is a funeral director and qualified grief counselor (BVT). As a funeral director, she knows the hardships of grieving employees, and as a boss, she herself has faced the challenge of having to deal with death and grief in the workplace on several occasions. In her first life, she managed a successful communications agency in Berlin, where she first developed a mourning culture years ago. Fee studied business administration and has served clients in a variety of industries – from automotive to energy to high-security technology – as a consultant. Fee is involved in the Caring Community Cologne and leads the working group “Children, Youth & School”.

Marlies Pasquale
Marlies Pasquale

Loves nature
Good listener
Movement person
Empathic and sensitive
Enjoys good, healthy food
Loves playing the piano
and Italian ice cream

Marlies has been a qualified grief counselor (BVT) since 2013 and has been accompanying children, adolescents and young adults who have suffered a loss for 11 years at TrauBe e.V.. She is a Dipl.Pädagogin, systemic coach and trained counselor grad. (BVPPT) with a focus on Gestalt therapy. Her career began with a commercial apprenticeship; after graduation she worked with young adults in vocational preparation, wrote pedagogical articles for teachers and gave communication courses. She works as a consultant and together with her husband in her own company PhysioSport Breitung GmbH.

Johanna Koslowsky
Johanna Koslowsky

Open & funny
Realistic & self-critical
Loves family and friends
and social evenings with them
Always has open doors
Listens carefully

In her first life Johanna was active for 30 years as a concert singer in the ” Early Music” and has seen much of the world in this capacity on concert tours.Later she made a training as a grief counselor (BVT). Since 2011 she has co-founded and built up the association Traube Köln e.V.. She was there on the board and supervised the honorary office. She leads one of the grief groups there. She is also active in other contexts as a grief counselor in groups and also individually. She is also a freelance speaker for funerals and weddings. She is married, has 2 children, 2 bonus children and 5 grandchildren.

Alexandra Usher
Alexandra Usher

Family “man”
Creative head
Incorrigible optimist
Sensitive and always in a good mood
Loves beautiful design
Big podcast fan

Ola (Polish short form of Alexandra) works as a funeral director and accompanies children and young people who have suffered a loss as a grief counselor at TrauBe e.V.. A personal experience led her to the topics of dying, death and mourning. Her professional path initially began quite differently. After studying business administration, Ola worked for 13 years as a project manager, customer consultant and business development manager in large agencies, system houses and the Fraunhofer Institute, where she advised customers, developed concepts and organized events. Additionally and with great passion, Ola contributed to the Psycho trifft Coach podcast behind the mic as a manager and graphic designer.

Bernadette Caldenberg
Bernadette Caldenberg

All ears
Fond of traveling
Loves forest and desert
Sees cake as soul food
“There is power in rest”
Movement fan

Bernadette is a qualified grief counselor (BVT) and works independently in the field of health and stress prevention, leading seminars and courses. In her original profession she is a journalist and has studied English/Hispanic studies and economics, but she has long been involved with Far Eastern exercise paths such as Qigong and Shiatsu. She came into contact with death and grief in the workplace during her many years as an editor at the media company Rtl. For years, she has volunteered with the Cologne-based association TrauBe e.V. Grief counseling for children, adolescents and young adults.


People friendly
Motivational coach
Willing to learn and clever
Sensitive and comforting
Fitness trainer

The Jack Russell lady Cispa is a roommate of shareholder Anja and is responsible for taking minutes and organizing breaks at shareholder meetings.

Svenja Nolden
Svenja Nolden

Cologne carnival fan
loves ice swimming
and a cm thick Nutella spread
Very fine antennae for emotional situations
Excellent listener

Svenja absolviert eine Ausbildung zur Kauffrau für Versicherung und Finanzen. Als qualifzierte Trauerbegleiterin (BVT) engagiert sie sich seit über 2 Jahren in der Trauergruppe bei TrauBe Köln e. V.. Nach ihrem Abitur war sie AuPair in Finnland.


Very cuddly
Little Big Swiss
Understands right and left
Great grief companion
In the ascendant donkey
Snack representative

Momo belongs to the family of managing director Fee. She is a trained companion dog and knows all the commands – if the right snacks are involved. As a grief companion, she is especially popular with children and is an imposing and always friendly receptionist at trauerkultur³.